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G.R.A.S. Ministries


Green Room Art Studio

Order Your Commissioned Portrait of Your GRAD Today!!!


Did you know that Commissioning Coach to do a painting for you is as easy as 1,2,3?

1) Email your photo to

2) Choose your Budget

  • $99 11x17 Framed Print

  • $153 for 11x14 Framed Print

  • $223 for 16x20 Framed Print

  • $523 for Original Custom Frame


3) Send your payment through the Donate Button


G.R.A.S. Ministries

"Art That Matters" 
GRAS stands for “Green Room Art Studio.”
It is a
GRACE Recreational Art Service



G.R.A.S. Mission
"Our mission is to inspire, uplift, and glorify God through transformative artistic expression."  
I want to take a paint brush and change the world for all eternity, one painting and one connection at a time. --Coach Lance Meyer

G.R.A.S Vision

  • Help people develop their God-given artistic talents

  • Promote positive messages and connection via social media

  • Create art that uplifts and inspires

  • Support urban ministry in Milwaukee through the sale of art

The GRAS is Always Growing at the Green Room Art Studio  

Do You have someone in your life that you would love to honor with a Portrait with Pizazz?
Do You know someone who loves golf and would love to have a Green GRAS Golf Painting?
Do you Have some walls in your Office, Business, Home, or Church that could use a Wild Watercolor or Abstract Acrylic Pour?
Would you love to give a gift to someone that is truly unique?
Do you know a group of people or friends that could benefit from a Paint Party?

Coach Lance Meyer of GRAS Ministries and the Green Room Art Studio is Here to Help!!!
Arizona Resort.jpg

100% of  the purchase price (minus supplies) will go to A City for God/Chaplains in Schools

G.R.A.S. Ministries Partnership with A City for God Impacts Many Lives with the Gospel.

A Word From Coach

I have been very blessed in my lifetime, despite some serious health issues and many bumps along the way.  As the Son of the "Iceman" Kent Meyer,  "Watercolorist" Kay Meyer, and husband of Carrie Meyer there is no question that my life and recovery from Hashimotos Encephalaphathy despite having some significant challenges has been full of blessings and opportunities for unique ministry and connection.  

Art has been an amazing avenue for personal therapy, growth, and opportunity for building an unique ministry.  Matt Tommey and his team at Created to Thrive have helped me rebuild my life by focusing on God's IDEAL in my life.  This includes reexamining my own Identity, really leaning into my Design as a Creative, Embracing Expansion and a #getBETTER mindset, Alignment that is in line with Scripture and works to build strong relationships with other people and organizations.  Finally Love has been the center of all I do in GRAS Ministries.  This IDEAL acronym has become a way of life.  

So thankful for the opportunity to use a paint brush to enhance my own life and truly change the world eternally.

Coach Lance Meyer


Coach Lance Meyer is a 1994 Graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College.  After 25 years as a Called Worker serving as a Principal, Athletic Director, Teacher, Youth Minister, Coach, and Mentor, in 2020 Coach Meyer was in 3 comas and diagnosed with a rare disease called Hashimotos Encephalaphothy.  On August 22, 2020 Coach Lance Meyer launched GRAS Ministries.  Learn More by clicking recent WLC Article.

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